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Internet Identity


Internet Identity Wiki

How to transfer your II account
II is Internet identity, with strong anonymity and very high security. By transferring the II account in the correct way, it can have no impact on security. II ID is only visible to yourself. Please do not over invest.Read More+
II ID Score
This page will load very slowly because it loads score of 10000-99999.If you have considered it and the computer configuration is good, please click the link below.Read More+
II ID Types
This form is all possible combination types of 10000-99999. Increasing sequence not considered.Read More+
II ID Visual effect
Each type's visual effect. This score only represents the developer's evaluation.Read More+
Please ensure that the transfer of II has been completed, otherwise you will lose II. If you have not completed the transfer, please review the following tutorial.
I am aware that II is only viewable by myself.
I did not purchase II for financial return, simply because I like the number.
I already know how to transfer it and am responsible for the loss due to any wrong operations.
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After verification, you can find II in the user centre. Normally it takes 1-2 minutes to complete the transaction.